Why not ending drug addiction can be a fatal mistake

Drug addiction is a major problem in the US and millions of Americans abuse drugs every single year. This article is designed to give you some reasons to end drug addiction for yourself or your loved one. End the cycle, begin the healing, because drug addiction will effect everyone around the addict. Whether it is injection, snorted, inhaled, drank, popped, or otherwise; Drugs are detrimental to the happiness and well being of everyone involved. If you don’t think prolonging drug addiction can be a fatal mistake then check out these reasons to end the habit:

The deadly threat of drug overdose

Sure, you are thinking that you or your loved one will never overdose but of the 41,340 deaths from drug overdose in the US in 2011, 80% were accidental. That’s a lot of deaths from overdose! When addicts build a tolerance to their drug of choice they need more and more to get high. When they have to use too much to get high, the body can no longer process it which leads to overdose. This is one of the biggest dangers and loved ones need to be especially watchful because often addicts are beyond the point of being able to handle this fight alone!

Reference: http://www.cdc.gov/homeandrecreationalsafety/overdose/facts.html

The danger of drugs, alcohol and driving

According to the CDC around one in three fatal car crashes are related either to drug or alcohol impairment while driving. Just think, one third of these car crashes which often end in the death of one or more innocent drivers who were simply trying to make their way down the road, could be prevented. Just think how many of the offenders who cause these wrecks should have ended their drug addiction before it took a life, including theirs. This is a morbid topic but addiction isn’t fun and games, it is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Loved ones, help the person you care about take control of their life now before it is too late.

Reference: http://www.cdc.gov/motorvehiclesafety/impaired_driving/impaired-drv_factsheet.html

Long term drug abuse is fatal

The long term effects of drug and alcohol abuse can lead to a list of literally hundreds of side effects depending on which drug or combination is being abused. Alcohol and many drugs actually damage every major organ to some degree and while some cause violent sudden deaths others cause people to slip into a coma and pass on. Some effect the brain while others the heart or the liver but rest assured none of these are easy ways to go. Don’t wait until it is too late and the damage has gone too far, get the help needed to fight this disease once and for all.

Now remember loved ones, the addict is fighting for their life and it is important to be patient and loving more than ever while trying to end the addiction. This isn’t a pleasant topic, it isn’t something to take for granted or to shrug off, it is something that requires your attention.

Now here is a 7-step strategy to fight the addiction:

  1. Call an addiction help line right now! They are 24/7 and will help you coordinate with family and friends to get help fast.
  2. Convince the addict to seek help, remember this has to be their choice ultimately. Interventionists are sometimes needed but this CAN AND MUST be accomplished.
  3. Consider removing the addict from the area, preferably out of the same state to provide a change of scenery and to keep them away from drug dealers and enablers.
  4. Pool funds together with family and friends, use insurance when available, acquire medical loans but avoid free rehab centers as most lack the security and funding to provide proper services and sometimes drug dealers find new clients in these locations. Instead have the addict stay at a reputable drug rehab center with professionals that can help build careers and psychologically counsel the addict during recovery.
  5. Plan for medical detox if needed, a fully qualified medical facility is crucial.
  6. Try to find the most stress free rehabilitation center for the addict to recover in and make sure they stay as long as possible. The longer they stay, the longer they are off of their addiction and the more likely they are to no longer feel they need the drug to find contentment.
  7. Be Supportive and Never Stop Believing! This is terrifying for those with drug addictions and many times they just feel trapped. Loved ones are critical to helping save the lives of the drug addicts they care about.

This is one of the most important things you will ever do for your loved one and if you are the addict just remember seeking help is your best chance for life. As the addict you have to make a choice to live life without a vice, you have to stop using the drugs, you do not need them to be happy even if you believe that with every fiber of your being. Loved ones, you need to remember that the one you care about needs your support more than ever, do the right thing.


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