Oxycontin Addiction

OxyContin is a well-known painkiller drug that usually doctors prescribe to individuals who are going through a moderate or extreme pain. During 1996, this potent painkiller entered into the market. This drug works as a savior for people who are facing chronic pain that appears with some forms of cancer, serious burns, heart attack and bone pain. It is a schedule II narcotic that can be taken only if one has a prescription of a physician for a pain management. OxyContin works as an extended relief drug, after entering into the body it slowly release into the bloodstream that offers ample relief to sufferer for hours. The pleasure and relief it gives encourages a sufferer to have it again and again and as a result the consumption of medicine turns into drug addiction.
The OxyContin addicted people usually have it in three manners, first crush the pill and make a fine powder to snort it; second, they chew it or third, they dissolve the pill into the water and inject it. All these methods increase the risk of over consumption of OxyContin. In September 2013, OxyContin was reformulated to make it difficult for consumers to crush; this was done just to reduce the amount of Oxy abuse. (http://www.acadianaaddiction.com/prescription-drugs/oxycontin/symptoms-signs-effects) Usually, people with OxyContin addiction take it with the combination of other drug substances, which lead to respiratory depression or death. To control the deadly side effects of stimulant abuse some people take it with stimulants like cocaine, meth, and amphetamines; however, they might not know but these combinations can also cause some serious health problems like stroke and heart attack.

As per the research of the United States Departments of Justice, in the United States 13 million people are addicted to OxyContin or had drug for recreational purpose. (http://drugabuse.com/library/oxycodone-abuse/) This stat says it’s clear that OxyContin addiction problem is rapidly growing in the United States. Not only adults but around 4.3% high school students too addicted to OxyContin. (http://drugabuse.com/library/oxycontin-abuse/) Teens are getting much addicted to OxyContin as their still forming brains cannot think about fatal side effects they might face.

There are some specific symptoms or signs, which prove that whether the person is addicted to OxyContin or not. The symptoms of Oxy addiction vary from person to person; however, still these are some of the common symptoms that are usually found such as depression, euphoria, irritability, dizziness, constipation, hypotension, dry mouth, itching, physical tolerance, sweating, liver damage, coma, headache etc. Along with all these symptoms, the Oxy addiction also leaves a negative impact on the sufferer’s life such as job loss, divorce, loss of relationships, etc.

Addiction is something that once you are stuck in it, it is extremely difficult to come over, even though you have addicted to it unwillingly. Still, people who really wish to get rid of it can achieve it by joining a rehab center. There are thousands of people who got success over their addiction with the help of rehabilitation centers. The treatment from rehabilitation centers fall into 3 different stages, the first stage is of detox or withdrawal; then, therapy and counseling and final stage is of recovery. The treatment contains physical as well as mental cure as ultimately it is your brain that holds total control of your body. Hence, if you or your dear one has got addicted then taking a proper treatment is the only solution over this problem.

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