A mom’s guide to coping with an addicted son or daughter – Understanding the struggle

Mom, we know that you are facing a horrible struggle in your life, your beloved son or daughter is ill with a potentially deadly, possibly terminal sickness. That sickness is the disease of addiction, the longer your son or daughter faces it, the more likely they are to suffer from the repercussions of the illness that is a drug or alcohol addiction. I know you want to love them, I know you want to help them on every step of their journey through life and why wouldn’t you? You are a mother and a mother’s job is to unconditionally love their children even once they become adults. These struggles are never easy to manage, a struggle like this can be a life or death situation but do you understand it.

Mom, each and every single day your son or daughter wakes up and they may be just fine until about 4-5pm when they get home. Suddenly a tiny voice in their head tells them to get a drink, the world would be so much better if they had a drink. Sometimes they just need a line of coke, an injection of heroin. They just want it so badly, it comes out of nowhere, this incredible urge just to have a dose of their favorite high. Nothing in life compares to them mom, in fact, they pretty much live for it now. They can’t imagine life without it, the sheer thought of being without it for the rest of their lives sounds horrific at best. Your son or daughter couldn’t imagine a Friday night without a rum and coke, they couldn’t imagine a day without a Vicodin to take the edge off and send them in the clouds. They need Meth, it evens them out. No matter what the drug of choice is, they need it and the world wouldn’t seem right without it. The choice of stopping the addiction can be incredibly hard, after all who would want to stop doing something their friends do, that everybody does? Generally your son or daughter will know many others who are already addicted to the same drug of choice and many may supply them. Many will pressure your son or daughter to use this drug and that may very well be the dynamic of their relationship.

Mom, you have an important mission and that is to be a mother. You need to step up to the plate and make sure your son or daughter is recovering and not remaining in the cycle of addiction but you can be part of the problem. Sometimes Mom is just as enabling as the friends are, sometimes mom  is actually the biggest part of the problem. If you think tough love is too much and you can’t imagine getting your son or daughter into drug rehabilitation then you are probably just that very mother. It is okay, we understand why you would want to protect your dear child. After all their happiness is what drives you to be who you are from day to day, they may very well be your drug of choice. We just want to make sure you understand that this can be life or death. Just understand that by not making sure they get the treatment they need, they could die. Even if they don’t, they may not live a full life or may otherwise have long term damage to deal with.  Mom, this is the one time you need to understand that you can be a part of the struggle and it is time for you to be part of the treatment that changes their could-be horrific fate. It may be up to you to keep them from that hospital bed, from those IV bags dripping the last semblance of hope into their veins. It may be up to you to keep the doctor from sitting in a dark room with you telling you that your son or daughter has just one more chance, another drink or use of the drug may take their life or otherwise render a very vital organ to mush.

Understanding the struggle of drug and alcohol addiction is a mother’s prerogative and while it may also be a father’s, we count on mom to make sure change is made. After all, who better than a mom to touch the life of their daughter or son when they are facing the harshest struggle of their life. Who is more likely to be listened to then a mother? I know, tears are bound to be had, after all your precious child grew up to be a victim of one of the most terrible diseases ever to face the human race, addiction. Mom we are counting on you to give your deepest and most unyielding love to your son or daughter in their time of need, no matter how hard it seems to do.

Now that you understand the basic struggle mom, you need to give us a call and help your beloved daughter or son recover. There is hope, they can make the change they need to make but they need family now more than ever. They need you to stand up and make the call that will change their life, they need you to get them into a program with professionals who have dedicated themselves to fighting addiction, to ending the struggle. So now is the time to pick up your phone and call, or even touch this number to call 1-800-569-5219 and talk to someone who knows the struggle and knows how to help.

Do it now! This is the time! It is now or never!

Again press the number to contact us at 1-800-569-5219

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