Methadone Addiction

Just like morphine, oxycodone and hydrocodone, Methadone is a medicine that works as a painkiller. It is one of the prime opioids used to diagnose morphine and heroin abuse; however, if a person takes it more than the amount it has been prescribed then it is enough capable to rise addiction. Methadone was first developed in Germany in 1939; Eli Lilly brought it to the United States as Dolophine in the year 1947. Later on, it was termed as Methadone. Earlier it was marketed as a painkiller; however, people found it as a dangerous medicine and not as proficient as morphine, oxycodone, and hydrocone. Still again in 1960, Methadone was launched but in a new market. This time it was promoted as a substitute for heroin and not as a pain relief medicine. An addiction of Methadone is an extremely harmful and difficult to remove from one’s life. It is one of the strongest addictions as if an addicted person ignores it for even a single day then he or she may face a highly painful withdrawal.
As per the latest study published by The National Center for Health Statistics, since 1999 to 2004 the dosage of Methadone has been increased more than any other narcotic drug. ( Every year thousands of deaths are caused due to Methadone abuse. In the year 2000, around 988 Methadone addicted people found dead. ( In 2004 USA, almost 13% of deaths were caused by Methadone. Cocaine was the only drug, which had killed more people than Methadone. ( During 2007 in the United States, when the cases of a Methadone overdose were increasing, the sales rate of Methadone was increasing too. ( These statistical numbers are enough to prove the harmful power of Methadone that can kill one’s whole body as well as his life.

It is a synthetic opiate, which means it contains similar properties of opium and heroin. However, still it is much more dangerous than the rest of the others. It is an illegal drug being manufactured without following any quality control, which means it definitely causes some or more noticeable symptoms such as nausea, weakness, drowsiness, constipation, vomiting, dry mouth, headache and etc. In some cases, people have faced symptoms like water retention, skin rashes, and difficulty in urinating. People who can’t tolerate drugs or consumes too much goes through the dangerously slow breathing and irregular heartbeat. Sometimes, an addicted person cannot even talk, walk or think normally. All these symptoms signify that a person is living under Methadone addiction.

Methadone addiction is one of the biggest reasons for causing thousands of deaths. Methadone is just like any other disease, which can be diagnosed by taking proper treatment. The addicted people find it most challenging task, as they face a lot of pain during the withdrawal process. Around the world, hundreds of rehabilitation centers have been established, which offer adequate treatment to Methadone addicted patients. The treatment of Methadone addiction and heroin addiction requires a similar kind of medicines. Even though it is difficult; still, it is possible for a person to come out of the addiction with attaining the best treatment.

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