Meth Addiction

Meth or Methamphetamine is a white color crystalline drug, which people consume by snorting it, smoking it or injecting it with the help of a needle. Some people also prefer to take it orally too. The consumption of meth creates a temporary or a fake sense of well-being or happiness, which ultimately develops a strong feeling of having it continuously. It creates a strong feeling of confidence, energy, and activeness. It is an illegal drug just like cocaine and other addiction prone drugs. Meth is also known by various local names; such as, chalk, crank or speed. It is a harmful and potent chemical just like a poison, which first works like a stimulant and then slowly and systematically destroys the whole body.
Around the world, there are millions of people who are addicted to meth. According to the United States government report, during the year 2008 apart from 529,000 regular users, around 13 million more people, aged above 12 had taken methamphetamine. ( Also, as per one national survey, around 10 million people of the United States have definitely tried meth at least once in a life. ( Day by day the number of meth users has been rising, majorly in young people due to its false and temporarily calming effects. It has been proven that even school going teenagers have become addicted to meth; in the year 2005 around 6.2% high school seniors have reportedly tasted the meth at least once. ( Meth is not a newly arrived drug; from late 1960s people are consuming meth. In 1970s due to various drug awareness campaigns it was removed from the streets but again in early 1990s the supply of meth drug started and now it is one of the most prevalently abused illegal drug.

The use of meth causes various physical problems; therefore addiction of meth can be considered as an illness or any other disease. It is a disease because the addicted person faces some serious symptoms like increased attention, increased wakefulness, and activity, less appetite, hyperthermia, irregular heartbeat, and euphoria. The physical appearance of a person easily showcases that he or she is meth addicted as the addiction leaves a noticeable warning signs on the addicted person’s body. Some of the warning signs are like skin picking, tooth decay, skin crawling, and hair loss. The meth addiction makes a person look weird and abnormal; along with some short term effects it also causes some long term effects such as paranoia, memory loss, weight loss, mood disturbance, dental problems and aggressive behavior.

When people get addicted to meth, they tend to maintain a distance from their families without the surety of coming back. However, by taking the help from rehabilitation centers families can get back their dear ones. There are many organizations that run the rehabilitation programs to take away people from meth addiction. The treatment controls one from consuming drugs and encourages him or her to get engaged in various other positive activities. Keeping the addicted person away from the addiction is undoubtedly a tough task but with the help of medicines and other psychological treatment rehab centers taking control over the addiction becomes easy. Even though it may seem difficult to cure a person’s addiction still it is not impossible to do so.

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