Marijuana Addiction

“Marijuana” is the most prevalently used illegal drugs around the world. Marijuana describes the dried flowers, leaves and seeds of Indian plant called ‘Hemp’. The drug is known by various local or street names such as Ganja, dope, dagga, home grown, reefer, Texas tea, pot, roach, weed, grass, J, Mary Jane, and Astro turf etc. Marijuana is available in a related form called ‘Hashish’, which is made out of resins of the hemp plant. Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in United States. As per the survey held in 2007, 14.4 million people in the United States had tried Marijuana at least once. ( Usually people smoke it like a cigarette or through a pipe. In some parts of the world, people abuse it by mixing it with food or drinks like tea. The smoker feels the effect of Marijuana smoke within minutes. The quick sensation of this drug increases heart beats, weakens balance and coordination in just the first 30 minutes. The smoker maintains these short-term effects for next two-three hours or sometimes for much longer time. It also makes the smoker uncomfortable by causing chest colds, sore throats etc. Once a person tries Marijuana then there are chances that he or she may get controlled by it as it leaves such sensations that it becomes tough for one to come out of it. The addiction of Marijuana is a long-term progressive problem.

The use of Marijuana has rapidly been increased and many youngsters have become addicted to it because it is easily available, cheap and gives quick sensation that sustains for long hours. As per the United Nations research, all around the world 158.8 million people are addicted to Marijuana. In the United States itself 94 million people have admitted that they have tried Marijuana at least once. ( According to National Survey on Drug Use & Health, Marijuana is the most common drug among youngsters aged 18-25. ( It has been observed that people look at Marijuana as a safe drug because it originates from a plant; however, in fact more than 400 chemicals reside in this natural plant, which alter brain function and damage entire body. The addiction of Marijuana gets indicated through some severe behavioral as well as physical symptoms. The addicted person usually experiences behavioral symptoms like impaired co-ordination, weak memory, difficulty in thinking etc. and physical symptoms like dry mouth, poor memory, slow reaction, anxiety, hunger, rapid heartbeat, fear etc. Constant exploit of Marijuana makes all the above physical complications even more severe and become incurable.

Though, it is always advisable to look for medical help immediately after noticing symptoms. Controlling the addiction on your own is extremely difficult or next to impossible because of the addictive effects that these drugs create. Therefore, if your loved one is addicted to Marijuana then consulting a physician or rehabilitation center is the only solution that can work effectively and output positive results at the end of the treatment. It doesn’t matter which rehab center you chose; the important thing is to get the best treatment to battle against addiction. There are hundreds of successful stories of addicted people, who got back their beautiful life after going through a horrible time of Ganja addiction.

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