Long term drug rehab – Why it is so important, how to afford it, and best practices

Long term drug rehab, it does a body good!

So you or a loved one has a drug problem or an alcohol addiction? Fix it! How you ask? I will tell you what it isn’t! It isn’t staying at a local motel for a month with a bunch of people who can get you a fix now is it? Of course not! Of course it isn’t going to work that way! What you have to do is get into a Long Term Drug Rehab. There isn’t really another choice because even if you stay in a short term rehab you just don’t give your mind and body the time to adjust and that’s what you want isn’t it? To really change this problem for the long haul, to NEVER go back to drugs or alcohol again and the way to do that is by making your body fully go through the transition from addict to healthy once more. Take time on yourself! You are worth it and never let anybody tell you otherwise.  Friends and loved ones make sure to tell those who are suffering that they are worth taking care of themselves and making this struggle go away. Why? Because that’s an absolute fact which you should never lose sight of.

Struggling with an addiction is never easy, it is never fun and people who have to do it are not so happy as a result but there is no good reason you should give up on yourself or your loved one. I bet you think they are worth more than being completely and utterly ignored right? I bet you think they need long term drug rehabilitation because they deserve it! This is a human life we are talking about, if it is yours then you need to value it and get the right treatment. Yes! Long term drug rehabilitation is not a cheap venture to undertake, it is going to cost you or loved ones quite a bit, probably several thousand dollars but it is worth every last penny because you are going to come out a new person if you decide to make the change.

Don’t take it the wrong way when I suggest long term drug rehab, don’t think that I am telling you that you are going to send a friend there or go yourself and without making that life decision to change – You will succeed by default. Oh no, trust me when I say this is a personal decision, a huge life choice that has to be made. Going to one of these long term rehabs isn’t going to help you if your mind isn’t in it, if your heart isn’t in it. Someone making this choice has to be fully committed to their success; we get through major trials in our lives by the choices we make to change them. We have to admit that we CAN get over any problem that we face as long as we work toward that goal diligently. Some things are indeed out of your control but a drug addiction is not something that is out of your control. I myself and many people who work for our organization are involved in this because we have experienced what it is like first hand to face a drug or alcohol addiction. Many of us actually felt hopeless at one time or another but with the right help and the right positioning you will be placed in an environment where healing can begin and be completed forever with the right mindset.

How to get funding


Get help from loved ones, don’t be shy, this is a human life and it matters more than the money

Don’t sell yourself or a loved one short, there are ways to get the funding you need to start a long term drug rehab session, to really get it completed as needed.  The real trick is finding loved ones who will pitch in together, few enough people are wealthy on their own but there are always ways when there is the willpower to make things happen. The fact is that you can collect funding from loved ones to get just about any crisis taken care of, that’s what they are there for. They are loved ones because they can and will help the people they love, especially if their lives are at risk which any drug or alcohol addicted person most certainly is.


Look into medical loans for help where the family comes up short

Even if loved ones don’t want to put money up, which from our experiences happens when an effort is made to gather resources from loved ones, you can always get a co-signer on a medical loan. Most medical loan companies will actually consider a long term rehabilitation exactly what it is! It is a very much needed medical expenditure; it is preventative treatment for a long term problem which could affect the addict’s life and subsequently those around him or her.


Give your insurance a try, you may not need anything more than that!

Do you have health insurance? That’s another way people are able to pay for their addiction recovery services. Like I said they are pricey endeavors but for a great cause which many health insurance plans will be more than happy to support rather than having to pay for the long term serious health problems that one may get from their addiction.

Rehab should be far away from home

Closer to home isn’t better when it comes to drug rehabilitation because you want to be away from the environment that triggers the addiction, what got them addicted in the first place may have a bit to do with environmental stressors that even they don’t realize exist. Also most of the time the dealers and other influences live in the area and can undo much of the work you are trying to accomplish. You want to have the treatment done in an area at least 100 miles or greater from addicts hometown. While this can seem difficult for the family or friends who wish to visit, it is generally for the best when it comes to addiction recovery. Many rehabilitation centers will throw in a free flight and pick up the addict at the airport and many of these centers are out of state. That’s actually a good thing, a change of scenery can really help a person recover and see that there is more to life than the typical surroundings they are used to.

Final thoughts

I hope you have learned a little bit about why long term rehabilitation is so very important and how you can help to get the treatment started then get the most out of it.

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