Heroin Addiction

The addiction of a Heroin is one of the most awful. It has a harmful and illegal narcotic that makes a person highly addicted to it. People usually inject it, smoke or snort it to generate euphoric state. The repetitive usage of heroin makes a person highly addictive; a person physically as well as mentally gets extremely dependent on it. Just a after single usage of heroin a person can get physically dependent on it. He or she starts feeling sleepy or nauseous. In the United States, there are 900,000 chronic heroin users. (http://guidedoc.com/heroin-addiction-treatment-success-rates-statistics) In 2007, the number of heroin users was 153,000. (http://www.drugfreeworld.org/drugfacts/heroin/international-statistics.html) These statistics are quite enough to prove the highly increasing usage of heroin among people.
As per the National survey on Drug Use & Health, in 2010 more than 140,000 people have tasted heroin for at least one time in their life. (http://drugabuse.com/library/how-to-help-a-heroin-addict/) More than adult, youngsters are much addicted to heroin as after the consumption they loosen up and feel unwind. However, these are temporary effects, which forces one to have it again and again. The users don’t realize that they have become completely dependent on heroin, until and unless they get into withdrawal. At the time of withdrawal, a person faced restlessness, bone pain, vomiting, diarrhea and cold flashes.

The addiction of heroin can lead to various other diseases like HIV/AIDS and many more contagious infections as they exchange each other’s needle to share Heroin. It has been estimated that every year approximately 35,000 new hepatitis patients get registered in the US; in which around 70% such patients are drug users. (http://www.drugfreeworld.org/drugfacts/heroin/long-term-effects.html)
Heroin users usually face some immediate effects after consumptions such as dry mouth, difficulty in breathing, disorientation, constricted pupils, sudden moderation in actions or behavior and droopy appearance. For drug users these are very normal signs but continuous consumption causes some severe symptoms of heroin addiction like insomnia, restlessness, diarrhea, vomiting, leg movements, muscle pain, depression, loss of appetite, coma, loss of memory, itching and disturbance in women’s menstrual cycle etc.

The heroin addiction is strong enough to obliterate a consumer’s whole life; it emphasis person to steal, to cheat and do whatever just to get it. When a person tastes the heroin he/she either leaves his/her whole life and gets addicted to it or look for rehabilitation and gets back his/her lost life, it depends on person to person. Usually, it is difficult to get back a person who has affected by the addition of heroin but that doesn’t mean we should not try to help him/her to get away from it.

Such treatment differs from person to person, depending on his/her addict. Before the detox therapy the user has to go through the various tests like HIV, hepatitis B, C, cardiovascular infections etc. Along with medicines, a person needs a psychological treatment as well; because, until and unless he can’t divert his mind from the addiction the treatment can’t be succeeded. Around the world, there are many successful individuals who were previously addicted but because they went to rehabilitation centers, took the treatment; they are now living their life happily ever, after!

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