Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine, the word refers to the type of a drug, found majorly in crystal form or powder form. It is incredibly addictive drug made from the leaves of the coca plant, which mostly cultivates in South America. It causes both short-term effects such as energy, euphoria and talkativeness and long term effects such as high blood pressure, raising heart rate and many others. Originally, cocaine was developed to use as a painkiller but later on it became an addictive drug, which makes a person physically and mentally weak. The cocaine powder is usually mixed with other substances like corn starch, sugar, talcum powder or drugs like amphetamines or procaine (a local anesthetic).

As per the European Monitoring Centre on Drugs & Drug Addiction, cocaine is the 2nd most prevalently used illegal drug. Around 7.5 million youngsters, aged 15 to 34 years have used cocaine at least once in their lifetime. ( Every year around 15,000 Americans die due to the consumption of cocaine. ( Also, as per the study report approximately 8.6 million American people aged 12 and above are addicted to cocaine crack (a type of cocaine)( Cocaine damages the body in various ways; it squeezes blood vessels, dilates pupils, blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature. Also, in many cases due to the use of cocaine people lose their appetite and as a result they look malnourished. In 2006, 702,000 million is the highest number of cocaine users found in the US and the graph of users was steady till 2008. ( Around the world people are very well-aware about the ill effects of this white powder but still they can’t easily come out of this addiction because once a person takes a drug, it becomes almost impossible for him or her to get free from it.

Addiction of cocaine is just like an illness or a disease that takes your whole body and mind under control. For this reason, the addiction of cocaine starts with showing some symptoms like losing a sense of smell, hoarseness, difficulty in swallowing, nosebleeds, and a chronically runny nose. The addiction may also cause noticeable personality or behavioral changes such as restlessness, irritability, paranoia, panic, and anxiety. If the usage of cocaine continues for a longer time then some severe physical symptoms can also appear like sexual dysfunction, dilated pupils, risk of HIV, blood borne pathogens, hepatitis, muscle twitches, abnormal heartbeats, and decrease in sleep. All these symptoms should be taken as a death alerts by the addicted people.

Even though it is somehow impossible for a person to come out of the addiction still by visiting cocaine rehabilitation centers and taking proper treatment one can escape from this disease. The treatment for the addiction encourages people to work against addiction’s powerful disruptive effects and regain the control over the life. Research has found that the people who have gone through the treatment have stopped taking drugs, engaged in personal, professional life, and got control over their imbalanced life etc. Just like any other chronic disease, addiction can also be treated successfully. It majorly requires a very strong willpower and a positive approach from the sufferer, who wishes to come back from the darkness of the addiction.

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