Fort Worth, TX

Are you struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction and need assistance? Our number is toll free and can be reached 24/7/365! We have a lot of great facilities in Fort Worth to choose from that you can choose from for you or your loved one. Drug addiction is a dangerous cycle which can lead to a variety of health consequences or even death. Drug addiction destroys lives, friendships and families. The great news is that you can get help even if you don’t have a lot of money!

First thing’s first! Get help! Here are the steps!

  • Make sure to ask the entire family for financial help
  • Ask the friends for financial help
  • Get insurance because it will cover most facilities
  • Try to get them out of the area, look for somewhere outside of the Fort Worth area to send them because new surroundings help recovery and prevent contact with drug suppliers.
  • Avoid free or excessively low cost facilities because they often don’t have the same treatment standards, professionals or security from enablers within their facilities. You don’t want your loved one walking away with a new drug dealer do you?
  • Take advantage of medical loans because many can be used to cover the entire treatment.
  • Mostly just asking the family usually helps enough and if you need an interventionist don’t hesitate to call our number toll free to get help for the Fort Worth area or elsewhere.

If you live in Hurst, Azle or Arlington it really doesn’t matter! We can help you find facilities all over America. You can live on Beach Street or off Camp Bowie, our service serves the country but we have information for your local area too.

Saving a life means picking that phone up and giving us a call! Dial 1-877-210-5594 right away!

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