Dallas, Texas

Sometimes in our lives we face drug and alcohol problems and need assistance but Help Fight Addiction can help you 24/7 toll free! Call 1-877-210-5594 at any time day or night to get help with finding a Dallas drug rehab or detox facility, or even a substance abuse interventionist who will talk to your and your family to get through this together. Dallas is a big area and has a lot of great facilities to choose from but never forget that it is generally better to get out of the immediate area where the enabling people are in your or your loved one’s life. Drug addiction is disease that can have lethal or lifelong consequences and the sooner the addict gets help the better off they are in life. So often friendships, families and all sort of other relationships are damaged by drug and alcohol addiction, it just isn’t worth it. In order to get help just be sure to get everybody who is involved with the addict whether friends, family or other loved ones and make this a team effort! Let’s get through this together!

Here are a few steps to get started! First give us a call at 1-877-210-5594 so we can help!

  • Ask the family for financial assistance, families can almost always pool enough together to put the addict into a good rehab with quality treatment.
  • Make sure to ask friends and significant others to pool together also.
  • Most health insurance policies will also treat addiction by paying for rehab! Take advantage of these benefits!
  • Seriously consider getting the addict out of the Dallas area because being in the same location all of the time can be depressing and the wrong local people can still supply the addiction.
  • Free drug rehabs are notorious for poor treatment and sometimes even being a meeting ground for drug dealers. These places often have long waits for a bed and short rehabilitation durations. Look into any way you can get them into a quality rehab before considering this option because they simply don’t have psychiatrists/psychologists/specialized medical staff/career building opportunities and other great perks that the better rehabs have.
  • Medical loans can often be the a great way to get the entire rehabilitation paid for in part or full. Get a co-signer if your credit is tough!
  • In most cases you would be amazed at what can be accomplished by asking family or friends to pool together funds to get an addict into a good rehab with the right structure. To be successful the rehabilitation has to be done correctly but never forget that the first choice is the addicts.

Call 1-877-210-5594 right away! Toll free!

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