Ativan Addiction

Ativan is a well-known medication that doctors usually prescribe to cure depression based on severe anxiety for a short-term duration. It is an extremely strong benzodiazepine drug and generally activates within a short to intermediate time span. It is not just used to cure acute anxiety, but it is also used to treat seizures, insomnia and sedation of critical patients and hospitalized patients. Moreover, Ativan is also used for healing short-term memory harm, relaxing muscles, alcohol withdrawal, and restive leg syndromes because it stimulates a strong sense of well-being and makes a person feel relaxed and trance. It has a strong capability for abuse; therefore, it is majorly used by criminals when they intentionally want to decrease their self-consciousness before doing a crime. In many cases, people abuse it with illegal drugs like cocaine. Because of its sedative effect; many a time criminals use it to attempt sexual assault. The addiction of Ativan proves that nothing should be taken in excessive amount, whether it is a medicine or anything else, you never know when it will turn to a life destroying drug from a healing medicine.

It is an extremely shocking fact that in the United States every day around 2,500 people aged 12 to 17 misuses the prescribed Ativan drug. ( It has become a severe problem for many US individuals. During 2011, around 60,200 Ativan addicted people received drug abuse treatment. ( In 2009, approximately 312,931 benzodiazepines consumed individuals got hospitalized in an emergency department in which 21% individuals had consumed benzodiazepines alone and rest 79% had it with a combination of other drugs. ( As of now, it is unclear about what all are the factors that could cause Ativan addiction but still as per some of the studies, it is generally caused due to the genetic, environmental, psychological problem or brain chemistry. The Ativan drug abuse problem is not only prevalent among adults but it has also been practiced by teens. As per 2011 survey, it has been reported that 7.4% teenagers misuse the prescribed drugs. ( Ativan is one of the most prevalent prescribed drugs teens abuse.

The Ativan addiction can be noticed by variety of symptoms. Some of the major symptoms are like hostility, paradoxical, depression, and mood swings etc. There are also some physical symptoms of Ativan addiction such as dizziness, drowsiness, skin rash, trouble walking, fever, respiratory depression, heartburn, constipation, syncope, fever, and vomiting. Ativan causes a variety of bad effects on every part of one’s life. Because of Ativan addiction many people face kidney failure, extreme depression, red eyes, legal trouble etc.

An individual with Ativan addiction should seek for immediate medication. There are various organizations, which offer rehabilitation facility. Rehabilitation centers monitor addicted patients and try to relieve them from addiction as soon as possible. A proper treatment is required if a person doesn’t wish to push his or her own life in danger. The treatment includes mixture of psychological and medical interventions as the addiction leaves negative effects on body as well as on mind. If one decides to come over the addiction, he or she can definitely do it with the help of adequate medication and treatment.

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